1st meeting 26/01

Date of Supervision Meeting26/01/21
Start time of Meeting12:30
Length of Meeting in minutes30
Meeting Notes & Action PointsThis was the first meeting with Wendy and we discussed the content of my pecha kucha presentation. It was suggested that I take a look at the work of Gideon Mendel because of the way that he uses objects in his series ‘Dzhangal’ and also the Jack Latham guest lecture because of the way that he creates a kind of detective story with his approach to projects. Both these photographers work in a documentary way but challenge what it means to produce work like this. 

I should also pay special attention to Anthony Prothero’s case study as there are some similarities to consider in relation to the ideas of reality and fiction that my work has hinted at.

Photographers and writing to look at:

– Ed Clark (Guest Lecture)
– Gideon Mendel (Dzhangal series)
– Dana Lixemburg – Imperial Courts series
– Daniel Blight – An Image of Whiteness

I should also start to consider the ways in which I can share my work and should look at making contact with some relevant organisations. For example: Grain. I should also aim to keep two or three strands to the project open at once, especially owing to the current situation. What is possible to photograph with the current restrictions.
Date of Next Proposed Meeting23/02/21 12:30

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