2nd Meeting 23/02

Date of Supervision Meeting23/02/21
Start time of Meeting12:30
Length of Meeting in minutes35 minutes
Meeting Notes & Action PointsPositive feedback received for my project proposal and there were a number of suggestions for practitioners and guest lecturers to look at in relation to archive and the family album:
– Pat Martin: most recent edition of Foam magazine
– Tom Seymour: Guest Lecture on sharing work
– Diana Markosia
– Jacque Derrida – Archive Fever
– Zoe Leonard – Fictional Archive
– Sophie Calle – in relation to unreliable narrators
– Sara Davidman

I was encouraged to review a number of the guest lectures and also consider how I might position myself in relation to working with archive and family albums. I also intend to start reaching out to other practitioners to gain feedback on my concepts.
Date of Next Proposed Meeting16/03/21

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