5th Meeting 09/06

Date of Supervision Meeting09/06/21
Start time of Meeting11:00
Length of Meeting in minutes30 minutes
Meeting Notes & Action PointsMeeting with Colin whilst Wendy is away. Meeting was really positive as I took Colin through my current progress and everything that I have been working on since the end of the module he supported before the FMP. One of the biggest takeaways was to really work on the text elements of this project and all of the quotes I have been collecting from the members of my family. The text could work in its own right and carry the narrative all the way through the work. At the beginning of the work, the text that also starts off the sequence will be important and could pose a question that has enough ambiguity and doesn’t tie the work down. Also important to place myself in the work more, so worth exploring this too.
Date of Next Proposed Meeting07/07/21 @10:00

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