Week 6: Peer Commissioned Micro Project

This week I have paired with Kimberley Barry to set each other a micro project. Looking at the delivery for this week, I consider how to include elements of constraint and serendipity into the project brief that I set Kim:

  • Using the 2 hour time constraint.
  • I want you to take a walk. Somewhere you walk often but do not stop to consider the environment.
  • Take one image every ten minutes along the route until you have 6 images in total (taking half the allotted time).
  • Reflect and review the images that you have taken. Consider which ones might work well together.
  • Go back and aim to refine/improve these images to submit for your project

This is the project brief that I was set by Kim:

  • Choice of constraint was distance. 
  • Using a 50mm or less lens take 6-8 images using liquid. 
  • The choice of liquid is completely down to you (oil. Water) be as creative as your want. 
  • Use lights, surfaces, gravity.
Looking at photographing liquid – Mood board

I am thinking that I would like to explore this micro project in a similar way that Wolfgang Tillmans did in his ‘Paper Drop’ series

Figure 1. Paper Drop (Star) by Wolfgang Tillmans
The Result:

I liked the idea using Kim’s constraint of ‘Distance’ and used liquids that do not really mix: Water, Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Wine, Milk. The images were shot on a flat surface and carefully put together. I back lit these using my speedlite.

I am quite pleased with the result. I especially liked the thin highlight running along the edge of the liquids surface tension.

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