PHO704 Contents


Sustainable Prospects CRJ Posts in chronological order and notes on content, key research and ideas

  • 01/10: Oxfam A initial Idea – Live Brief work
  • 03/10: Art & Commerce – Professional Practice – Discussing: Alys Tomlinson, Clementine Schniederman, Simon Roberts. Planned commerce activity for the module (Funding, writing)
  • 06/10: Writing Feedback – Professional Practice: Reflecting on feedback from Source Magazine editor Richard West
  • 07/10: Oxfam A – Development – Live Brief
  • 07/10: My Authorship – initial images – Reflecting on being derivative of others. Discussing Alex Coggin, Gem Fletcher. Sequencing experimentation
  • 10/10: Funding – Planning a funded project application. Initial idea. Discussing Matthew Finn. Ferdinand Tönnies.
  • 12/10: Chris Killip, The Land and Me – Reflecting on authorship, Documentary aesthetics, socially engaged photography. Geoffrey Batchen, Uta Barth, experimentation with Black and White photography
  • 14/10: Flatness – Object Orientated Ontology, Surface Qualities of the photograph. Graham Harmon, Marshal Mcluhun, David Campany. Throwing focus experimentation. Paul Farley & Michael Symmonds Roberts ‘Edgelands’ intial ideas.
  • 20/10: ACE developments – funded project continuation. Finding people to mentor me through the process and reflecting on feedback from them
  • 22/10: Tell a Story – Narrative exploration including peer feedback & reflection
  • 22/10: Tell another story – Additional Narrative exploration and peer feedback and reflections.
  • 30/10: Oxfam A – Update 30/10 – Live Brief
  • 30/10: Funding – Developments 30/10 – Funded Project development meeting with local council Arts Officer
  • 31/10: Journey into the EdgelandsDevelopment on the ‘Rurality’ concept to look at Paul Farley and Micheal Symmonds Roberts book ‘Edgelands,’ Reflecting on using this to support the development of metaphor in my practice. Roy Stryker ‘Shooting Scripts,’ FSA, Keith Arnatt, Richard Billingham, Marion Shoard. Further experimentation to include night shooting & long exposure. Considering ‘Photography as Dialogue’ (Tiffany Fairey & Liz Orton, Ariella Azoulay). Initial look at Robert Frost ‘Desert Places’ Poem and re-looking at Roland Barthes concept of idiorrythm.
  • 04/11: Tell a Story – Again (Week 7) – Re-evaluating former project work with a commercial lens
  • 05/11: Professional Practice Developments – Looking at ways to share my work with commissioners
  • 06/11: Project Development, Reflections, Narrative ideas – Starting to consider narrative structures in creating a sequence for my project. Todd Hido’s ‘Paper Movies,’ Joseph Cambell’s ‘Hero’s Journey, Propp’s Character Theory. Robert Frost’s Poem ‘Desert Places analysis by Li Wang, Barthes
  • 12/11: Oxfam A updates 12/11 – Live Brief
  • 12/11: Grants and Funding continued – Application to the Carmencita/Kodak grant for an analogue photography project
  • 13/11: Journey Narrative – Project development – Continuing to structure narrative using journey story structure. Christopher Booker’s version of the journey story
  • 19/11: Initial Sequence – Process, living with the work, looking at Ed Ruscha, Narrative structure break down and how it applies to my project. Justification of each image in the sequence related to the structure
  • 20/11: Reflection – Project development – Reflecting on my authorship. fantasy lands in my work, perception, referring back to ‘two berlins’ essay from the start of the module. Object Agency
  • 24/11: PH0704 – Oral Presentation: Developments – Oral Presentation draft video and reflections
  • 25/11: PHO704 WIPP Peer Feedback – Reflecting on peer feedback on initial sequences of work. Working towards consolidating WIPP and not trying to explain the project too much. Developing the narrative as a result
  • 26/11: Working Title – Meaning of the title. Creating ambiguity in the project through subtle titling of the sequence. Title taken from ‘Desert Places’ poem with different titles evaluated.
  • 27/11: WIPP Development – sequence conundrum – Aiming to justify final approaches by evaluating feedback and creating own informed position of the project. Discussing Nial McDiarmid, Vanessa Winship and using Roland Barthes’ concept of monastic ‘idiorhythmic’ living to support the way that my work has been sequenced and is photographed. Jean Dykstra, Pieter Hugo
  • 01/12: WIPP – Towards a Resolution – Final iterations of WIPP that includes a short statement of intent, which is then analysed linking back to ‘Iddiorythm,’ the journey, and referenced edgelands.
  • 02/12: Funding -draft – Funded project draft synopsis, which is in the process of being shared with stake holders to develop further towards making an application.
  • 03/12: Audiences – Considering the audiences for my work. Discussion of a book in the process of being published and how to use this to develop strategies of raising profile
  • 03/12: Communities and CommunicationReflections and research on Community including and Abstract draft written for an upcoming conference of the topic of communities. Suzanne Keller