3rd Meeting 16/03

Date of Supervision Meeting16/03/21
Start time of Meeting12:30
Length of Meeting in minutes35 minutes
Meeting Notes & Action PointsIt was useful to show the progress of my project and the experiments that I have been working on in relation to my family archive.

– We briefly discussed the portfolio review with Mariamma Attah, which was incredibly useful in the ways that she encouraged and challenged my work. Wendy encouraged me to review her keynote lecture to consolidate the points she made during the review. 

– In particular, about the future of photography being collaborative

– I need to work towards identifying people to work with on the project.

– Review Seba Kurtis work.

– The experimentation is a really good way to move forward with the project at this stage and I should continue doing so

– It would be worth getting the work printed out to start creating some sequencing and reviewing how the work is starting to fit and come together.
Date of Next Proposed Meeting20/04/21

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